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Each topic answer starts with the name of a California city without (without) the word "San":

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5 Like Superman's Chin, famous: CLEFT

Here's a famous line from the 1950's TV series "Superman":

it's a bird It's an airplane. It's Superman!

10 Romeo Meets Juliet in Romeo and Juliet: ACT I

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is all about the love between the two main characters, which is forbidden as the couple come from two bitter families. At the beginning of the play, Romeo (a Montague) sneaks into a masquerade ball hosted by the Capulet in hopes of meeting a Capulet girl named Rosaline. Instead, he meets and falls in love with Juliet, also a Capulet. Tragedy strikes...

Only your name is my enemy.
You are yourself, but not a Montague.
What is assembly? It is neither hand nor foot
No arm, no face, no other body part
belonging to a man. Oh be another name!
what's in a name what we call rose
Any other word would make it smell just as sweet.

17 teams in a tug of war: SEIL

Tug of War is a showdown between two teams pulling opposite ends of a rope, vying to pull their opponents across a marked line. The sport was an event at the Summer Olympics from 1900 to 1920. Teams from the United States won all three tug-of-war medals at the 1904 St. Louis Olympics.

18 Common name of theater from Greek: ODEON

In ancient Greece, an odeon (also "odeum") was like a small theater, "odeon" literally meaning "building for musical competition". Odea was used in both Greece and Rome for entertainment such as music shows and poetry readings.

19 Some degrees Wharton. : MBA

Wharton is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The school was founded in 1881 thanks largely to a donation from industrialist Joseph Wharton, co-founder of Bethlehem Steel.

20 Englischer Maler von „The third of May 1808“ : FRANCISCO GOYA (aus „San Francisco“)

Francisco Goya was a Spanish painter who has often been called the last of the Old Masters and the first of the modern ones. Two of Goya's most famous works are La maja desnuda and La maja vestida.

The California city of San Francisco takes its name from the Presidio of San Francisco and the nearby Mission of San Francisco de Asís, founded by Spanish settlers in 1776.

25 Civil Rights March 1965 local: SELMA

The Bloody Sunday March took place on March 7, 1965 between Selma and Montgomery, Alabama. The 600 protesters involved protested the intimidation of African Americans registering to vote. When the protesters reached Dallas County, Alabama, they were met by a line of state troopers, reinforced by whites assigned that morning to help keep the peace. Violence erupted when 17 protesters ended up in hospital and one nearly died. Because the riot was widely covered by television cameras, the civil rights movement gained much support that day. The march route is designated a US National Historic Trail called the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights Trail.

29 ___ Aerosol (Allergy Relief Option): NASAL

The common term "hay fever" describes a type of seasonal allergic rhinitis, an inflammation of the nose due to an immune response to airborne allergens.

36 Mexican muralist, twice married to Frida Kahlo: DIEGO RIVERA (from "San Diego")

Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter famous for his murals. His wife was the equally famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter famous for her self-portraits. She was married to equally famous artist Diego Rivera. Kahlo was played by actress Salma Hayek in a film about her colorful life called "Frida" which was released in 2002.

39 Element in a scenario: PROP

We use the word props for the items used by actors on stage during a play. The term is an abbreviation of the older term "real estate", which was used with the same meaning until the 19th century.

43 Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal (from San Pedro)

Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal's breakthrough came with a role in Game of Thrones, in which he played Oberyn Martell (aka The Red Viper). He then played DEA agent Javier Peña in the biographical crime series Narcos. A third breakout role came with an offer to play the title character in Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian.

46 "Little Pig" in a children's song: TOE

This little pig went to the market
This little pig stayed at home
This little pig had roast beef,
This little pig had none
And this little pig peed all the way home.

48 West Pacific island nation: PALAU

Palau is a small island nation located 500 miles east of the Philippines and 2,000 miles south of Japan. Palau was once Spanish property and was sold by Spain to Germany in the late 19th century. During World War I, Japan invaded the islands (Japan had declared war on Germany) and was granted the islands as territory by the League of Nations at the end of hostilities. During World War II, the United States captured Palau from the Japanese in a bloody battle in 1944. Palau came out of US administration in 1994 and is now a sovereign state.

50 Sports brand with a Puma in its logo: PUMA

Puma is a German company that sells sports shoes worldwide. The company is best known for its football boot line.

57 Puerto Rican singers with more than 50 albums including "Merry Christmas": JOSE FELICIANO (from "San Jose")

José Feliciano is an acclaimed Puerto Rican singer perhaps best known for his rendition of "Feliz Navidad," which is heard every year at Christmas time. Feliciano was born blind and suffers from congenital glaucoma.

61 trident shaped Greek letters: PSIS

Psi is the 23rd and penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet and the one that looks a bit like a trident or pitchfork.

64 snap, crackle and pop, on the one hand: TRIO

Snap, Crackle and Pop are three leprechauns used as mascots for Kellogg's Rice Krispies. The trio first appeared in an advertising campaign in 1933, although radio advertisements had used the phrase "snap, crackle and pop" for the cereal for some time. Incidentally, leprechauns sell "rice bubbles" in Australia, and leprechauns have different names in other parts of the world (like "Cric!, Crac! and Croc!" in Quebec).

65 First Lady Typ: DIVA

The term "diva" comes to us from Latin via Italian. It is the feminine form of divus, meaning divine. The word is used in Italy to mean "goddess" or "beautiful woman" and is particularly applied to the prima donna in an opera. We often use the term to describe a singer with a big ego.

The Italian operatic term "prima donna" is used for the lead singer of an opera company. Translated from Italian, “Prima Donna” means “First Lady”. The male lead singer is known as "primo uomo". The term "prima donna assoluta" is reserved for a prima donna who is generally recognized as an outstanding artist. We tend to use "prima donna" for an artist who has an inflated ego.

66 Pink cocktail ... or a fashion magazine: COSMO

As with so many famous cocktails, the actual origins of the Cosmopolitan are disputed. It's a very nice drink, IMHO. One of the standard recipes is 4 parts citrus vodka, 1.5 parts Cointreau, 1.5 parts lime juice, and 3 parts cranberry juice.

68 figure skating jump: AXEL

An axel is a forward leap in figure skating. The maneuver was first performed by Norwegian Axel Paulsen at the 1882 World Figure Skating Championships.

69 Herbstblume: ASTER

Apparently, most aster species and cultivars flower relatively late in the year, usually in the fall. The name "aster" comes into English via Latin from the Greek word "asteri" meaning "star", a reference to the arrangement of the flower's petals.


1 feudal worker: SERVE

A serf was a member of the lower feudal class, someone tied to land owned by a lord. "Servant" comes from the Latin "servus", which means "slave".

Feudalism was a legal and military system that flourished in medieval Europe. Central to the system were the concepts of lords, vassals, and fiefs. Lords granted fiefs (land or rights) to vassals in exchange for loyalty and service.

4 Surgical Tubes: STENTS

In the world of surgical medicine, a stent is an artificial tube that is inserted into a body vessel, such as an artery, to reduce the effects of a localized narrowing in the body passage.

5 „Parasit“ - Co-Star ___ Woo-shik: CHOI

Choi Woo-shik is a South Korean-born Canadian actor. His most memorable role has to be as the lead character Kim Ki-woo in the Oscar-winning film Parasite.

“Parasite” is a 2019 South Korean comedy thriller that became the country's highest-grossing film of all time. It was also the first non-English film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. I haven't seen "Paradise" but I'm hearing great things from friends and family who...

6 Lots of modern Christmas lights, in short: LEDs

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a special form of semiconductor that emits photons (light) when it is turned on. LEDs were used in early digital watches and are growing in popularity, although their use in electronic devices is waning. LEDs are used to replace much less efficient incandescent bulbs. I replaced all of my tungsten Christmas lights many years ago and saved a lot on my electricity bill.

8 Event lasting 40 days and nights in the Bible: FLOOD

According to the Bible's book of Genesis, rain fell for forty days and forty nights, leading to the great flood. All creatures on earth died except for Noah, his family, and the animals he brought to the ark.

9 Pacific nation whose name becomes the dance when the vowels are changed: TONGA

The Kingdom of Tonga consists of 176 islands in the South Pacific, 52 of which are inhabited and scattered over an area of ​​270,000 square miles. Tonga was named the Friendly Islands in 1773 when Captain James Cook first landed there, in reference to the warm welcome it gave visitors. The capital of the country is the city of Nukuʻalofa on the island of Tongatapu.

The dramatic dance tango originated at the end of the 19th century in the border area between Argentina and Uruguay. Above all, dancers and orchestras from Buenos Aires traveled to Europe and beyond at the beginning of the 20th century and brought the tango with them. The tango fashion first conquered Europe in Paris in the 1910s, and from there it spread to London and Berlin, and crossed the Atlantic to New York in 1913.

10th annual soccer game between rival military academies: ARMY-NAVY

The first Army-Navy football game took place in November 1890. The annual event is most commonly hosted in Philadelphia because the city is roughly equidistant from USMA in West Point, New York and USNA in Annapolis, Maryland. One of the most memorable Army-Navy games (for trivia lovers) happened in 1893 because Navy Midshipman Joseph M. Reeves wore a helmet, marking the first time a helmet was worn in a football game.

12 Spill the ___ (gossip): TEE

Spilling the beans means revealing a secret. The phrase first appeared in American English in the early 20th century. The expression originated as an alternative to "spoil the beans" or "upset the apple cart". The similarly meaningful expression "spill the tea" is more common on the other side of the Atlantic.

21 As Yale since 1969: COED

Elihu Yale was a wealthy merchant born in Boston in 1649. Yale worked for the British East India Company and for many years served as governor of a settlement in Madras (now Chennai), India. After India, Yale took over his father's estate near Wrexham in Wales. In 1701, while he was living in Wrexham, Yale responded to a request for financial assistance for the Connecticut Collegiate School. He sent the school a gift that was used to erect a new building in New Haven called "Yale" in his honor. In 1718 the entire school was renamed Yale College. To this day, Yale students are nicknamed "Elis", again in honor of Elihu.

27 Introduction to Physics: META

The word "metaphysics" comes from the Greek "meta" (beyond) and "physica" (physical). Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that examines reality beyond the principles of science. I wouldn't understand that...

31 River that divides Florence: ARNO

The Arno is the main river in the Italian region of Tuscany and flows through the cities of Florence and Pisa. The flooding of the Arno in 1966 is famous, the worst flooding in the region for centuries. In Florence in particular there were numerous deaths and extensive destruction of priceless art treasures.

33 Snapchat and Instagram, for two : APPS

Snapchat is a messaging system that allows users to send photos and video clips to a limited list of recipients. Photos and clips, called "snaps," can only be viewed for a few seconds before they are deleted from the recipient's device and Snapchat's servers.

Instagram (often abbreviated as “Insta”) is a photo-sharing application that is extremely popular. Instagram started in San Francisco in 2010. Facebook bought Instagram two years later, paying $1 billion. The multi-billion dollar Instagram company had just 13 employees at the time of the sale...

35 Extinct Bird That Wasn't Really "Stupid": DODO

The dodo was a direct relative of the pigeon and pigeon, although the adult dodo was usually three feet tall. One of the reasons the dodo comes to mind when we think of a species becoming extinct is that it disappeared not long ago (last living record 1662) and humans were the reason for its disappearance. The dodo lived exclusively on the island of Mauritius and when humans arrived we cut down the forests that were their home. We also introduced domestic animals such as dogs and pigs, which raided the dodos' nests. The dodo was considered a clumsy, flightless bird, hence the term "dodo" means a foolish person.

37 orca : killer whale

The killer whale's taxonomic name is Orcinus orca. Using the name "orca" instead of "killer whale" is becoming more common. The Latin word "Orcinus" means "belonging to Orcus", where Orcus is the name of the realm of the dead.

45 Regarding the municipality: LAIC

Anything referred to as lay people (or "lay people, lay people") refers to lay people, those members of the church who are not clergy. The term "layman" ultimately comes from the Greek "laikos", which means "of the people".

49 Ruhmeshalle QB Johnny: UNITAS

Footballer Johnny Unitas has been nicknamed both "the golden arm" and "Johnny U". Unitas played primarily for the Baltimore Colts from the 1950s through the 1970s. He held the record for consecutive touchdown passes (47 games) for 52 years, until it was surpassed by Drew Brees in 2012.

51 Hajj destination: Mecca

Mecca is located in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. It was the birthplace of Mohammed and is the holiest city in Islam. Every year several million Muslims make the Hajj, a holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

54 Magna ___ : PAPIER

The Magna Carta is a historical document published in England in 1215. It marks the first time that an English king had to submit to the will of his subjects, a group of barons who wished to limit the powers of the monarchy. In particular, the Magna Carta says that no free man can be punished except by the law of the land. And it is famous that the Magna Carta was an inspiration for the United States Constitution.

55 The "U" of the E.U. : UNION

European Union (EU)

57 "Jumpin' ___" (Tanzklassiker von Cab Calloway): JIVE

Cab Calloway was a famous jazz singer and band leader who enjoyed his greatest fame in the 1930s and 1940s. His most famous recording was the song "Minnie the Moocher" which had a refrain with the "words" "hi-de-hi" and "hi-de-ho". Calloway became so associated with the song that he was nicknamed "The Hi De Ho Man".

59 Classic Margarita Flavor: LIME

No one seems to know for sure who first created the margarita cocktail. The most plausible and widely cited is that it was invented in Ensenada, Mexico in 1941. The bartender prepared the drink for an important visitor, the daughter of the German ambassador. The daughter was called Margarita Henkel and gave her name to the new drink. The basic recipe for a margarita is a mixture of tequila, orange-flavored liqueur (such as Cointreau), and lime juice.

60 Frankensteins Assistent: IGOR

In the world of cinema, Igor was the assistant of Dracula, Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein, among others. Igor is almost always portrayed as a hunchback.

61 Kissing on the street for example, in short: PDA

Public Shows of Affection (PDA)

62 Number of legs in an insect: SIX

An insect is a six-legged arthropod, i.e. a hexapod.

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Complete list of hints/answers


1 Inglés para “sin”: WITHOUT
5 Like Superman's Chin, famous: CLEFT
10 Romeo Meets Juliet in Romeo and Juliet: ACT I
14 Emit as light: EMIT
15 "Greetings!" less formal: HELLO!
16 Defendant: WHEELS
17 teams in a tug of war: SEIL
18 Common name of theater from Greek: ODEON
19 Some degrees Wharton. : MBA
20 Englischer Maler von „The third of May 1808“ : FRANCISCO GOYA (aus „San Francisco“)
23 Little fight: SET-TO
24 “Damn” but stronger: DAMN
25 Civil Rights March 1965 local: SELMA
29 ___ Aerosol (Allergy Relief Option): NASAL
33 Press + on a calculator: ADD
36 Mexican muralist, twice married to Frida Kahlo: DIEGO RIVERA (from "San Diego")
39 Element in a scenario: PROP
41 yawn (in): LOOK
42 Give a hard jerk: YANK
43 Chilean-American actor Pedro Pascal (from San Pedro)
46 "Little Pig" in a children's song: TOE
47 passion fainting : fainting
48 West Pacific island nation: PALAU
50 Sports brand with a Puma in its logo: PUMA
53 Acquire, as debt: INCUR
57 Puerto Rican singers with more than 50 albums including "Merry Christmas": JOSE FELICIANO (from "San Jose")
61 trident shaped Greek letters: PSIS
63 Former Late Night Host Kilborn or Ferguson: CRAIG
64 snap, crackle and pop, on the one hand: TRIO
65 First Lady Typ: DIVA
66 Pink cocktail ... or a fashion magazine: COSMO
67 Elementary building block: ATOM
68 figure skating jump: AXEL
69 Herbstblume: ASTER
70 After 1-bar, what are the first names in 20-, 36-, 43- and 57-bar all? : WITHOUT


1 feudal worker: SERVE
2 Love, ala Italian: AMORE
3 Bites playfully like a puppy: NIP AT
4 Surgical Tubes: STENTS
5 „Parasit“ - Co-Star ___ Woo-shik: CHOI
6 Lots of modern Christmas lights, in short: LEDs
7 monthly utility bill: ELEK
8 Event lasting 40 days and nights in the Bible: FLOOD
9 Pacific nation whose name becomes the dance when the vowels are changed: TONGA
10th annual soccer game between rival military academies: ARMY-NAVY
11 Actor Gooding Jr.: CUBA
12 Spill the ___ (gossip): TEE
13 Selection from a list, for example: IDS
21 As Yale since 1969: COED
22 prefix for “everything”: OMNI-
26 Speech Therapist's Request: LISP
27 Introduction to Physics: META
28 Audible surprise: AGASP
30 Airline ticket information: SEAT
31 River that divides Florence: ARNO
32 Summer Camp Setting: SEE
33 Snapchat and Instagram, for two : APPS
34 Sketched: DREW
35 Extinct Bird That Wasn't Really "Stupid": DODO
37 orca : killer whale
38 Really: ROYAL
40 question that might sound like her? : PROPOSAL
44 Cargo: ONUS
45 Regarding the municipality: LAIC
49 Ruhmeshalle QB Johnny: UNITAS
51 Hajj destination: Mecca
52 Some natural hairstyles: AFROS
54 Magna ___ : PAPIER
55 The "U" of the E.U. : UNION
56 hotel reservations : ROOMS
57 "Jumpin' ___" (Tanzklassiker von Cab Calloway): JIVE
58 Sunrise direction: EAST
59 Classic Margarita Flavor: LIME
60 Frankensteins Assistent: IGOR
61 Kissing on the street for example, in short: PDA
62 Number of legs in an insect: SIX

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If you are stuck and have access to the answers, it is not generally considered cheating to look up an answer or two. There are a few notable exceptions, however. A crossword puzzle meant to represent your work, as might be assigned for a class on occasion, should not include someone else's answers.

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There is some research that suggests puzzles and similar mental activities can provide stress relief. In our hyper-connected world with constant demands for our attention, focusing on a single task, like completing a puzzle, can put the mind into a meditation-like state. It creates a sense of peace and tranquility.

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Jigsaw pieces range501 - 999
Jigsaw puzzles1
Jigsaw size38 x 38
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“ERA” is the most common word in crossword puzzles, as well as “ARE,” “AREA,” and “ORE,” according to Gaffney.

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What was the first crossword word? ›

Today in 1913, pre-WWI, Arthur Wynne ran the first crossword puzzle of all time in the New York World; he, an editor there, invented the puzzle himself and called it “FUN's Word-Cross Puzzle.” (A few weeks later, a typographical error rendered the puzzle's title “Cross-Word,” and the name stuck.)

What was the first ever crossword? ›

The first crossword was published on the 'Fun' page of The New York World on 21 December 1913. It was invented by British journalist Arthur Wynne, who emigrated to the United States in the 1890's.

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The best known crossword publisher, the New York Times, pays $200 to $300 a puzzle, and $1,000 if you land a coveted Sunday spot (source).

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What crosswords are available on The Times website? Your digital subscription includes free access to interactive and print versions of the daily cryptic and concise puzzles which are publshed in The Times, Monday to Friday.

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In an interview with Business Insider, Barkin broke down how the average person can improve their crossword skills.
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  4. Start with the blanks. ...
  5. Recognize words that appear over and over. ...
  6. Stay cool.
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Best Overall: Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #20
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Simple fun free old style no frills crossword. nice clues. Good system of hinting by reveal letter/word or show wrong. Ads are not obtrusive.

What is the best starting word for Wordle? ›

Sorry Bill Gates, but AUDIO isn't the best word to start with when you're playing Wordle. A pair of MIT researchers recently set out to find the optimal starting word for the popular online puzzle, discovering that the statistically superior first guess is SALET, which is a 15th century helmet.

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Today's Wordle is a 5-letter word that ends with...

Today's Wordle starts with the letter I.

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Crossword Labs is a crossword puzzle maker. It's the simplest and fastest way to build, print, share and solve crossword puzzles online. And it's free to use! No ads, no watermarks, and no registration required.

Is there any trick to solve puzzles? ›

Put the Center Pieces Together

Also, if you feel stuck or tired, take a short break to refresh so you can come back thinking more clearly. During the break, read a book, drink some water, or take a short walk. After the break, give yourself enough time to finish because solving a puzzle can take a lot of time.

What is the trick to solving puzzles? ›

Tips for Solving Jigsaw Puzzles Fast
  1. Plan and Prepare. Puzzles can seem simple enough to figure out: Open the box, dump out the pieces, and commence puzzling, right? ...
  2. Choose a Great Puzzling Surface. ...
  3. Let There Be Light. ...
  4. Top o' the Box Top. ...
  5. Keep 'em Separated. ...
  6. Focus on the Easy Stuff First. ...
  7. Go Blind. ...
  8. Don't Go Blind.
13 Apr 2022

What is the fastest way to solve a floor puzzle? ›

Tips and tricks to solve floor based puzzles:

Read the given information carefully. Understand the type of the puzzle (only floor based puzzles or floor with flats based puzzle) Try to understand the difficulty level of the question. Always start with the statements/data which has more information.

Is there a bias toward crossword? ›

We found 1 solutions for Have A Bias Toward . The top solutions is determined by popularity, ratings and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is PREFER.

Are word searches good for learning? ›

Word searches are a great way to engage students when learning new vocabulary or studying a new topic. They are also an excellent strategy for practicing and improving students' reading skills like scanning, decoding, and improving word recognition, all key components for reading fluency.

Do word searches help with IQ? ›

Working word search puzzles provides many benefits for our minds. As proven in science, we can actually increase our effective IQ. Also, word search puzzles provide our minds with exercise for stimulation and maintenance. In addition, puzzles are good for your mind's cognitive (thinking and memory) development.

Do word searches prevent dementia? ›

Researchers determined that, out of the participants who eventually developed dementia, those who frequently did crossword puzzles demonstrated a much slower decline in memory.

What quarterback should not do crossword? ›

We found 1 solutions for What A Quarterback Shouldn't Do . The top solutions is determined by popularity, ratings and frequency of searches. The most likely answer for the clue is FUMBLETHEBALL.

What newspaper has the hardest crossword puzzle? ›

Many puzzle fans love the deviously difficult New York Times Friday and Saturday crosswords: They're the hardest puzzles around, and once you've conquered them, you're a true Puzzlemaster!

Is dyslexic word search hard? ›

A dyslexic searches for the words with the light off. Because they have more difficulty recalling things, they can sometimes come out of the warehouse wrongly assuming that they have the right thing.

Is learning new words good for your brain? ›

How Words Boost Memory. Words are memory boosters and prime the brain's visual areas. The resulting mental images make us more sensitive to what we're trying to memorize. This is called top-down processing, where the upper part of the brain is controlling the limitations on the lower part—the sensory input.

Do dyslexic people struggle with word searches? ›

Word-searches, pathfinders and mazes also provide great practice with eye-tracking or visual-motor integration – areas where dyslexic children can struggle. Best of all, puzzle books are an example of learning that doesn't 'feel' like learning.

Does playing Wordle make you smarter? ›

But studies do suggest that Wordle isn't just fun, it can actually benefit your brain, too. Even if you don't play Wordle, chances are that you've heard of it. The trending word game has become a fan favorite, helping people -- even us in the newsroom -- to start their mornings with a little brain teaser.

Does being good at Wordle make you smarter? ›

As millions of people around the world have discovered, cracking the daily Wordle in two or three moves feels terrific. But while it's a lovely way to start (or finish) the day, Wordle wizards should check the smugness: being good at this game doesn't necessarily mean you're smart.

Is vocabulary related to IQ? ›

In conclusion, the link between vocabulary and IQ is undeniable. The more you improve your vocabulary, the more your intelligence will increase.

What stops you getting dementia? ›

exercising regularly. keeping alcohol within recommended limits. stopping smoking. keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level.

Does dementia erase memory? ›

People with dementia often experience memory loss. This is because dementia is caused by damage to the brain, and this damage can affect areas of the brain involved in creating and retrieving memories. For a person with dementia, memory problems will become more persistent and will begin to affect everyday life.

What exercises prevent dementia? ›

After controlling for age, education and gender, the researchers found that participants who exercised regularly — defined as engaging in activities such as walking, running, swimming, dancing, participating in sports or working out at the gym — had a 17 percent lower risk of developing dementia compared with those who ...


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