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Cairnryan is a village in the historic county of Wigtownshire, Scotland. Lying on the east bank of theLago Ryan, the village harbor connects Scotland withnorthern Irelandby the sea. At Ferryhopper, you can check available ferry routes to/from Cairnryan Port, find tips for your village holiday andbook your ticketsonline in just a few steps!

Read our suggestions for your stay in Cairnryan and find useful information about the Scottish port city:

  • Cairnryan Ferry Port
  • Holidays in Cairnryan

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The picturesque seaside village of Cairnryan on Loch Ryan

Cairnryan Ferry Port

located in the southscottish west coast, Cairnryan really has2 doors. Both are located near the town of Stranraer in the Dumfries and Galloway area and are aimportant link with Northern Ireland.

More specifically, in Cairnryan there are:

  • OLoch Ryan Harbouris operated byLine-Rock, which links Cairnryan to thatbelfast harbor
  • OCairnryan Harboris operated bybalsa P&O, connecting the village with thePorto de Larne

The Loch Ryan Ferry Terminal was built in 2011 and hasmodern equipment: There is a café, a departure lounge, changing rooms and adapted restrooms. Passengers also have accessfree wifiand for onebig parking lotavailable in the terminal building for short and long stays.

Ferries from Cairnryan port: timetables and tickets

The port of Cairnryan, in southwest Scotland, is a major gateway to Northern Ireland. is connected to2 Irish destinations: the city ofBelfastand the city of Larne.

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Ferry de Cairnryan a Belfast

OCairnryan - Belfast ferry serviceis served6 times a dayduring the year. The route is operated byLine-Rockferry company. The ferry ride takes approx.2.5 hoursand tickets start at approx.42€.

Ferry from Cairnryan to Larne

Ferries from Cairnryan to Larnerun with until6 crossings per day. The connection is served bybalsa P&O. The ferry trip takes time2 hoursand ticket prices start at approx.29€.

Where is the ferry terminal in Cairnryan?

Cairnryan's ferry port is8 km north of Stranraercity ​​inA77(South West Scotland). Both Cairnryan ferry terminals are approx.5 minutes drive from Cairnryan village center.

How to get to Cairnryan port?

Arrival at Cairnryan Ferry Terminalby car:

  • from Glasgow on the M77 and A77
  • from Edinburgh via the A71 and A77
  • from Carlisle in the north of England via the A75 and A77

if you want to go thereby train, is the nearest railway station to Cairnryan Ferry PortStranra Railway Station, which is approximately 4 miles from Cairnryan Harbor and 7.5 miles from Loch Ryan Harbour.

OLoch Ryan Harbour(Stena Line) is nearby15 minutes on footfrom the center of Cairnryan, but you can also get there easily usingBus 360. OCairnryan Harbor(P&O Ferries) is approx.25 minutes on footfrom the village.

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Stunning sunset at Wig Bay on Loch Ryan near Stranraer

Holidays in Cairnryan

Located inwest coast of scotland, the tiny village of Cairnryan is better known for its harbor than a tourist destination. It has a population of less than 150 residents, but it's beautiful.modern british settlement.

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Cairnryan itself may not be the holiday destination you dreamed of, but there is plenty to see and do in and around the area.district von Dumfries e Galloway. This part of the Scottish Lowlands has aamazing coastwith sandy beaches, as well as large areas of forest and lush vegetation, all perfect foroutdoor activitiesLover.

How do I get to Cairnryan?

Cairnryan stretches mainly along the coastestrada A77, and you can reach it easilyby car. The village is well connected to the Scottish road network and its roads are well maintained. in the nexttrain stationis located in the neighboring cityStranraer, and is about a ten minute walk from Cairnryan bus station.

You can also reach Cairnryan by sea.2 doors Em northern Ireland: Belfast and Lorne. Find out about getting to Cairnryan from Ireland, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more in the UKabove.

Were you in Cairnryan?

Cairnryan is a small village with aproud maritime historybut limited things to do. It has a local shop and a few B&Bs. Most travelers get there to catch a ferry to Northern Ireland from Cairnryan Harbour. However, if the location enchants you, you can use it as a base for further exploration.Treasures of Dumfries and Gallowayarea in the Scottish lowlands.

Tours and things to do in Cairnryan

The village of Cairnryan connects abeautiful coastal sceneryit is alush green forestat the bottom. The location is ideal for nature lovers and the tranquility and authentic atmosphere of the place give you the opportunity to find somethingpeace of mindand recharge your batteries.

If you arrive for the ferry earlier than expected or decide to stay a little longer in charming little Cairnryan or neighboring Stranraer, there are somebeautiful attractionsdiscover:

  • Snib's Cave
  • Jardins Ardwell
  • Saint John's Castle
  • Ryan-Center-Theater

If you are a golf fan, there are severalgolf clubsin the wider area, including Stranraer Golf Club. OStranra Leisure Centerit also offers several activities, such as a swimming pool and arcade. In addition, we recommend exploring the coastal and inland regions around Stranraer and Cairnryanby bicycle. This gives you the best views of Scotland's natural treasures.

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The incredible wildlife of Loch Ryan near Stranraer

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Nightlife in Cairnryan

But there issome bars and pubsin Cairnryan village such as Thistle Heights whilst some bed and breakfasts have their own pubs e.g. Merchant's House. There is also a cafeteria at the P&O ferry terminal.

Other nightclubs can be found nearbyStranraer, where you will find several pubs, bars and clubs. There are also places where you can enjoy live folk music while sipping local beer.

Essen em Cairnryan

The choice of restaurants in Cairnryan is very limited, so it's best to go next door.Stranraer Cityfor a good meal. there you findseveral restaurant options, from fresh local dishes to international cuisine such as Italian, Indian, etc. Henry's Bay House and The Fig and Olive are some area favorites.

We highly recommend trying someDelights of Dumfries and Galloway, As:

  • Seriously Strong Cheddar de Stranraer
  • Cairnsmore Cheese from Wigtown
  • Ecclefechan-Buttertorte

You can also find good restaurants in cities.PortpatrickEsand head.

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Stunning landscape with tree trunks in the water at Loch Ryan

Useful information about Cairnryan

Cairnryan is a modern but small Scottish settlement with only a few permanent residents. However, the village receives many visitors every day thanks to itsimportant ferry port, or AGateway to Northern Irelandfrom UK.

As forAccommodation, there are several options for travelers who want to stay in the area before catching the ferry to Ireland, or stay for a few days and explore Scotland's hidden gems. There are someBed & Breakfast, a guest house (Rhins of Galloway), a caravan holiday home (Cairnryan Caravan Park) and self contained accommodation (Little Laight). You can also find other options in the larger cities of Stranraer and Portpatrick.

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Important phone numbers for your stay in Cairnryan

here are someuseful contactsfor your trip to Cairnryan:

  • Loch Ryan Hafen (Stena Line Cairnryan): +443447707070
  • Cairnryan Ferry Terminal (P&O Ferries Cairnryan): +441304448888
  • Cairnryan Police: +441786289070
  • Cairnryan Health Center: +441776743932
  • Cairnryan Vet: +441776703131
  • Cairnryan Pharmacy: +441776702851
  • Cainryan Taxi Service: +441776705555
  • Cairnryan Tourist Office: +441776702595

Transportation in Cairnryan

It is entirely possible to reach Cairnryan and its port by ferrypublic transportation. However, if you want to fully explore the wider Wigtownshire region, it's best to bring something with you.your own vehicle.

Obus networkit is really good and connects even the smallest settlements in the region. However, bus routes are limited to a few connections per day, which means you might have to wait a long time to reach your next destination.

Cairnryan Ferries: Port Information & Travel Guides | spacecraft (5)

The picturesque seaside town and harbor of Portpatrick in Wigtownshire

Where to book Cairnryan ferry tickets online

At Ferryhopper you can find everything about ferry connections to/from Cairnryan in Scotland, UK. Compare prices, times, companies and book ferry tickets to CairnryanOnline, no additional costs.

Frequent ferry connections

  1. Belfast

Cairnryan has direct ferry services to 2 ports:


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