How and why do you get the BBB accreditation (2023)

The decision as to whether BBB should prove is a simple option for some small companies, but others have questions.Is it worth the sentence?Which value really contributes to?

As you will see, the acquisition of the accreditation of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a number of strategic advantages.Between other things, his brand gives credibility.Take confidence in the public.It also helps its business to attract new customers.

I have probably seen the family logo or the blue and white seal.Companies show this seal for one reason: the public tends to trust a company accredited by BBB.The seal is a way in which consumers order credible companies and are responsible for irresponsible fraud and flight outfits at night.However, companies have to gain the right to show the BBB seal, and this only comes after the accreditation process has been completed.

In this article we explain how the accreditation works, which value it offers and how the accreditation of BBB is obtained.

What is the best business office?

BBB does many things, but an important task is to serve as a central information point between company and the public.The office was founded in 1912.

The BBB is structured as a mother organization called International Association of Better Business.This promotes ethical commercial standards.Among other things, activities:

  • BBB maintains a list of more than 5 million trading profiles in which consumers can examine a company.
  • Consumers can submit complaints and BBB offers companies a way of reaction.BBB offers mediation and arbitration to solve disputes.
  • Consumers who check their identity can leave the supplier on the BBB website.
  • The best business office qualifies A+ to F company, based on a 17 -point scale.
  • The BBB offers a name called "accreditation" for selected companies.

What does BBB accreditation mean?

The commercial accreditation of BBB means that your company has met the requirements of the BBB and the accreditation status has been expressly granted.This implies filling out an application form, providing the required information, examining your company and compliance with the BBB standard.Have to have accessed companies.Also pay an interest rate and renew every year.

After that, a company accredited by BBB receives special marketing privileges and other advantages.

Why get BBB accreditation?

BBB accredited companies receive several advantages, including:

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Consumer confidence.Companies have the right to connect their brand to the BBB brand that is a synonym for trust.Accredited companies can, for example, show the "BBB Accredited Business" logo on the main door, its website and other places.Consumers are looking for this seal for this seal.

Competitive advantage.The accreditation is exclusive and distinguishes the business of its competitors.According to the BBB website you stand out from colleagues, around 400,000 companies are accredited.

Reputationsmanagement.The accredited companies receive additional points for their BBB rating.The qualifications are separated from the accreditation.However, if a company is attributed to the accreditation process, the BBB can evaluate reliability directly and grant a higher score.

Online visibility.Your company receives your accreditation state in the BBB directory.A company can claim your online profile and add pictures, videos and other information.I can receive potential customers to your company.

Education and information.BBB offers website seminars, newsletters and resources with which you can manage your company.

How to prove BBB

Accredit is not difficult for a good reputation company, but you have to request.There are five steps on how you can get the BBB accreditation:

1. Check your authorization

The first step is to ensure that your company is justified.You have to be in business for at least 6 months.Among other things, they need:

  • All licenses and ties required for your industry.
  • There are no violations of the government's ethics.
  • Compliance with all state and contractual obligations.
  • A data protection guideline on its website and on the safe technology if it is sold online.

2. Apply

There are two ways to request accreditation.Go to this pageAt the beginning of the process.

Another way to apply is to communicate directly with its local BBB office.As the owner of a small company, the right chapter for your region.Then call an e -mail or use the application form on the local chapter website.

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3. Give information

Together with your application, state the requested information.It is not a lot of information, but it is important to find the name of your company, the address, the number of employees and other details.

4. Submit a commercial review

The BBB chapter checks public records and checks other sources of information to determine the reliability of your business.BBB may want to meet you personally or have a telephone interview.

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Your application must be checked by the local BBB board of directors and this could take several weeks.The board members are people in the business world who only meet regularly.

5. Pay the interest rate for approval

If your application is approved, you must accept the conditions of the BBB.DEE to pay the interest rate (also referred to as accreditation fees).Remember when you pay the interest rate, do not pay for a qualification.It pays the general expenditure of the general expenditure of interest.The BBB to process applications and maintain the business in the best organizations of the business office.(As an entrepreneur, you know that nothing works for free. The rent for the BBB employees and the buildings must be paid, etc.)

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As soon as your application has been approved, you will receive a great welcome package by post.The package contains a membership certificate, marketing materials and other information.You will also receive an e -mail with registration data for your online profile.

How much does the BBB accreditation set cost?

For most small companies, the accreditation council will lie in hundreds of dollars.

Every local BBB office has its own interest plan and most seem to fall in an area of 10% of the other chapters.Some local chapters put their prices online.For example, the St. Louis office publishes the following prices:

Number of employeesBilling annual prices
1 - 3$ 510
4 - 7$ 585
8 - 10$ 660
11 - 49850 $
50 - 99$ 1035
100 - 200$ 1225

Contact your local chapter to get the actual prices that would be calculated.Payment plans are available so that you can distribute the monthly or quarterly costs.

The same interest rate is calculated annually for renewal.BBB interest rates are a commercial effort that is aTax deduction of small companies.

Little known: Some local business offices occasionally offer discounts.At the time of this letter, the BBB from Südost Florida offers a limited time discount and 90 days of free online advertising at the time of this letter.

For which types of companies is BBB better accreditation?

Every company that deals with the public is a good candidate.

Organizations of any size are justified.Small companies tend to predict.However, local branches of large companies such as bank branches are also seen.

Companies can be in any industry.The only restrictions are the industries that (1) are illegal, such as online casinos or (2) the BBB, which was specially designated by nature, such as.B. the lender of the payment day.

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According to the BBB of West Florida, the public consultations are roofers, air conditioning systems, insurance companies, housing buildings, used car dealers, general contractors, plumber, pool company and debt collection agency.This list will vary regionally, but give an idea of the types of companies where the BBB accreditation is important for consumers.The business can benefit in particular from accreditation.

Can online companies prove BBB?

Yes.Online companies can request and receive accreditation.Maybe you wonder why the trouble, but in reality the reason is simple.Online confidence is more important than ever.The BBB quotes a Nielsen study in which six out of 10 consumers use BBB before it is bought online.

How do I find whether a BBB company is accredited?

There are two possibilities.First, they are looking for a dynamic business seal that is accredited on the company's website.The dynamic label is an interactive version of the BBB logo with which consumers can check a company in one click.

Second, you can also go to the website and search for the company.The commercial profile is stated whether the company has an accreditation.If you cannot find the company, make sure you make sure that you spell the name correctly.If there is no profile there is no accreditation.

Why is a BBB company not accredited?

There could be several reasons why a company has no accreditation, and these reasons are not necessarily negative:

  • The company may have simply decided not to apply or not to renew itself.
  • The company may have moved and temporarily has no accreditation.That was our case here at Small Business Trends Media after moving the business to another state.
  • A company cannot be accredited because the BBB is in an industry and takes into account fraud or problematic.
  • The accreditation can also be revoked.Mypillow was famous, his status was revokedAnd his qualification was reduced, partly due to the violations of the BBB advertising code.

What are the BBB Trust standards?

The office monitors the companies that are accredited for the continuous compliance with eight principles called market trust standard, build trust, honestly announce, say the truth, be transparent, promise of honor, are receptive, protect privacy and embody integrity.

And these standards are good principles to manage your business.

You can ask yourself:Is it worth the best business office?The BBB is not freed from controversy.I wrote about it for more than a decade and I was surprised by the answer.

However, the accreditation has a value and I recommend it, especially for small local companies, that serve consumers.I have no financial interest in whether they receive accreditation or not.The potential customers of BBB.IW believe that the BBB accreditation is worth, then it is worth it in the end, the customer is important.



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