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If you continue, link or use this website or service on this website, it accepts it.Verrade Corp., which is called forward for the purposes of the contract, is only Veritrade A company that specializes in information and import analysis and exports via its website, Property, produced and operated by veritrade.

These general terms and conditions determine the legal terms and conditions, the visits and the use of our website at as well as other online and mobile website, blogs and interactive applications that are produced and operated by Veritrade.

Veritrade reserves the right to change, eliminate or add the general terms and conditions at any time, and such changes will come into force immediately.In one episode you will be linked, linked, linking or using this site every time you access this site.If we take this into account, changes are important, we will do a certain time for a certain period of time until our discretion at that shows this.The changes to the conditions are the acceptance of the changes.If you do not want to accept the conditions, you cannot access, link or use the website.Adden or conflicts with the conditions are expressly rejected by veritrade and have no strength or effect.

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  1. User consent.

They explain that they have read and accepted to be subject to the general terms and conditions.

  1. Intellectual property.

This website and all content that you contain or can contain in the future, including text, content, photos, video, audio and graphics, products, designs, information, applications, software, music, audio files, articles, articles, directories,Instructions, photographs and brands, service brands, commercial names, commercial dresses, copyright, logos, domain names, codes, patents and / or other form of mental and are protected against use, copy and distribution that are not through copyright, brands, service brands, international contracts and / or other laws of the rights and real estate of the United States and other countries have been approved.

  1. Terms and user restrictions.

Veritrade grants the access codes that must be used in accordance with the acquired subscription.

The customer or user will illegally use the use of users and passwords illegally without restriction from third parties, subsidiaries or affiliated companies.The purpose of facilitating the violation of law or regulation or in any way that is not compatible with the terms and conditions.Elimination or use or for the benefit of another person or a company.They are solely responsible for all positions related to the connection, the use of the Internet and their necessary equipment for access to publication.Veritra is not responsible for the interruption and / / or transmission delays caused by the responsibility of third parties.

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The customer recognizes and accepts that Veritrade uses communication networks in which he has no control and through which he does not take responsibility for interruptions and / or delays and / or suspensions and / or errors that restrict the use of the acquired service.

Veritrade reserves the right to change and improve the product, provided that these are benefited for the benefit of the product and customers and are not responsible for errors, losses, damage or direct or indirect injuries for customers or third parties that occurand / or / ouque arises from any inaccuracy., deficiency or delay of the published information;Those who come in good faith and from legal sources that they consider reliably the customer or a third has accessed a message or a link.

  1. License

Apart from the limited right to use it in accordance with the terms and conditions, you under no circumstances need to receive a right or license for the service and the materials contained in the service.If you want to download the content of the service, you have to do this in.Compliance with the conditions.Authorizes the dismissal for personal and non -commercial use only according to the conditions and does not transmit any other right.Verrade does not want to receive processes, creative ideas, suggestions or materials or take into account expressly requested.Therefore, we ask you not to send us anything that you are waiting for until you are compensated or that you want the purpose without obligation with you.It should not restrict the general public of the above if you send any material, as user -generated content and nucuid, among other things: comments, text, video, audio and photos on this website, any other website, the veritrade and its connected companies to veritrade or itsRepresentatives belong, or if you have creative suggestions, ideas, notes, concepts, concepts or any sends us other information, despite our request that this presentation does not send us, she is treated as non -confidential and not owner.

  1. Prices and payments.

Veritrade is reserved at any time to calculate access to a current or additional part of the service.If you have to pay a price at some point to use part of the service or the entire service.The decision to provide the necessary information to create an account is purely voluntary and optional.However, if you do not provide this information, you cannot access a certain content or participate in certain parts or functions of this website. All tariffs and fees that have arisen from your account that have been used for the invoice period in force in which such feesand fees are incurred.You must pay all applicable taxes in connection with the use of the service via your account and the purchase of another product or another service.On the contrary, there is no document, it will be suspected of accessing the website for 12 months from the date of the invoice.The service, with the exception of the expressly documented information from Veritrade, requires payment of the prepaid sentence.Pagas in advance the advance payment and all taxes and associated interest rates.The customer recognizes and accepts and accepts that if he unilaterally canceled his contract, he is not entitled to economic reimbursement.

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  1. Registration and creation of accounts.

As part of the registration and creation process, which is necessary to get access to certain parts of the service, including the parts for which a rate or payment for access is required, a username and a password is selected.Veritrar is continued with certain registration information, all which must be precise, true and up -to -date.The user in whom another person has rights without the approval of this person;Or (IV) a username or a password that uses veritrade on its exclusive criteria takes into account offensive or inappropriate.Veritrar reserves the right before rejecting the creation of your account based on the inability of veritrade to check the authenticity of your registration information.You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.You must immediately notify a well -known or suspicious, non -authorized use of your account or a violation of well -known or suspicious security, including loss, theft or the unauthorized distribution of your password or the information about the credit card.They are entirely responsible for the entire use and activity of your account in which he has accessed the service, is sold or transferred to another part, guaranteed and explains that all cookies and software files that are used by or with the servicebe eliminated.

  1. Damage payment.

They accept their own account to compensate for veritrade, their suppliers, representatives, directors, civil servants, employees, employees, representatives, successors and authorized representatives of the individual claims, damage, liabilities, costs and costs that arise from O in relationand to hold.With the service or a link on duty.The customer will compensate for losses for losses, including the loss of contracts and / or sales and / or future profits, non -compliance with one of the conditions of the contract contract.It is the responsibility of the customers to ensure that the password changes if an authorized person (user) no longer works for the company or no longer belongs to the institution.Without restriction of the other rights and / or solutions that veritrade must act legally and if it is assumed that the customer violates one of the conditions of this CO HATVERITRADE is not reserving the right to comply with compliance with compliance with the contrasted conditionsto limit the sales conditions.In this case, the customer has already made no entitlement to the financial refund of the payment.Reserves the right to block access and to cancel the contract without liabilities or reimbursement to the customer if at some point in the opinion that a more likely violation of the security or use of user and / or access codes, people and / /or authorized companies.Veritrade is the only legally responsible person before the customer and / or third party is responsible, and his sole responsibility in connection with part of this contract does not exceed the sentence paid by the customer.

  1. Completion.

Veritrade has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally if this is not possible at any time

Not received from the client.A different economic refund will not have any effects if the impossibility of use of violence on the control of veritrade or the legal provisions of the countries that restrict access to information can be attributed to the control of veritrade.

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These services and the conditions are ruled exclusively by the laws of the United States and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of their courts.

Veritrade Corp.

6101 Blue Lagoon Dr.ste.150, Miami, FL 33126 - E.U.

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