The Shore House: Lido Key Luxury Rental with 7 rooms for pets (140939) (2023)

Huge private holiday home with pool / spa with heating plus 7 bedrooms and pets.St. goes to St. Armand: The Shore House

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Object description


¢ Pool with private heating with solarche fellow
 4 bicycles for guests are made available
â ¢ mini Golf!
â ¢ Game Room - Foosball, Ping -Tisch -Peong
¢ balconies on every floor
â € th second living room with a wet bar!
â ¢ plenty of space for dining room
â € ¢ steps to the famous St Armand Circle
¢ Pet -friendliness
â ¢ 7 bedroom/4 bathroom plus 1 half bathroom
â € beach towels, chairs and car included (see further details)
â ¢ 4 Autos Garage
â ¢ 4 bicycles contain

This coastal house -Lido key from 3 levels is absolutely impressive 7 bedrooms, which includes a huge main bedroom with Suite bathroom and 4.5 bathrooms throughout the house.A dry bar, a kitchen kitchen that completely with a huge diner butler, bar and restaurants and food and food and food and food and food and food and food and food and food.A pool and a spa with private heating.Oh, and every room has arched blankets for a really spacious and nice feeling.After reading these sentences, he has to recognize that this is not a typical rental house.It is located in the exclusive and private neighborhood of St. Armand's.This house is also part of our real estate administrator program, so one of our committed real estate administrators will help you throughout the reserve and vacation process.We are here to support you the vacation in the right way and to ensure that you have everything you need, including recommendation or advice to improve your vacation.We also contain beach chairs, bicycles and contain bicycles, bicycles and a beach car so that you and your family go on the beaches or the Lido key.If you want privacy, just the noises of the waves that lick the shore while you feel in the famous white sandy beaches of Lido Key and Siesta Key, this is your holiday home.If you want all this and your own real estate administrator to treat all the guest relationships during and after your stay, this is your home.

The house itself is almost as impressive as the island on which it is found.It offers very open life and outdoor areas as well as the data protection fences and the landscape design in the house and the terrace.When you enter the house the incredible decoration and furniture that follows you.The Psie family can prepare the food it wants or it.Lust next to the kitchen and in the living room, you can go to your private balcony with a view of the pool and terrace, and to the neighborhood of the district of St. Armand.From here or outside you will generally find a beautiful green grass, perfectly distributed cobblestones for a really unique appearance of the terrace and a lush natural landscape., Relaxation and relaxation, relaxation and enjoyment.

Back in the house, the bedroom areas are configured so that they enable privacy and comfort.There are a total of 7 rooms, including a main bedroom with a king -size bed, a private room that you could play basketball!There are 4 more kingsize bedrooms in the house, one of this King room is a full (double) full .2 of this King room a Jack N Jill -Bad, in which the last king of space is a bathroom by Jack N Jilla bathtub/shower with the second literary room with a complete (double) divides (double) bunk bed completely (sleep 4).

So if you are not yet sold, let me tell you a little more about the location of this house.It is located in the exclusive area of St. Armand's Circle.This beautiful house is also a few steps from the circle of St. Armand.The area is a commercial and high -quality commercial and commercial restaurant.It is full of boutiques, restaurants, dessert shops and nightlife.This is a renovation of the views and noises and enjoys the many offers in this area.However, you can run or ride a bike there and don't worry about driving or parking your car so that you can really enjoy your vacation without taking care of the details.If you want even more offers, the center of Sarasota is only 2.5 miles away from this house and you are and you can find an even larger range of retail stores, restaurants, nightlife, concert halls, comedy rooms and much moreFilm, a piece or a performance in Sarasota van Wezel or simply through the Main Street and enter and let dozens and dozens of shops and shops.It is an over $ 10 to $ 15 into the city center, so it is again, it is not necessary Mote, where you can also enjoy large aquariums, educational centers and "care" for personal and personal sea measurements in the boats on the city islandcan.There is also a small park and beach in City Island.

Parking: 1-2 cars and 2-4 cars at the max input;Block the sidewalk not only in the Temporal Street (1 hour) strictly used by the city of Sarasota

This property only has an active ring bell and additional video surveillance in the pool team.

This property takes part in our professional linen program.This guarantees that high -quality bed linen and towels are always included for your stay.These are washed professionally for each guest in a commercial installation.

Would you like to stay with us for more than 2 weeks?Excellent!We only ask that you coordinate a day and time with us so that we can carry out additional cleaning during your stay.An additional cleaning rate is required and we would be happy to offer you an offer.If you want to replace the bed linen and towels during this cleaning, we can do it too, let us know.We are passionate that this is in our house.

Beach towels and beach chairs are included.Don't forget to bicycles (daily/weekly), kayaks, paddle boards, fishing charter, adventure tours, sunset walks, echo tours and much more.

Special activities and interests

This property offers access to the following special activities and interests:

»boat trip

»Company and managing director

»Family holidays


»Deep sea fishing

»Group and meeting





»Friendly pet


Family vacation, 2021
Date of review: July 6, 2021
Holiday date: June 3, 2021
"These were our first family holidays by renting a house. Usually we stay in a family holiday resort. Our stay/vacation was the best we had. It was relaxed for everyone and we will definitely rent a house for our futurevacations. We are 12 members from the family between the ages of 6 and 52. The cooking configuration was excellent. We love to roast, and the kitchen made it possible for many relatives to prepare meals at the same time.Seat outside. Ceiling fans in every room. You didn't cut a corner with this house. We loved it! The staff was very friendly and professional. We didn't even have to contact you in our 9 nights.Very pleasant, relaxing and unforgettable!
Revised by: Anonymous

Spring vacation in the family
Date of review: July 6, 2021
Vacation date: April 17, 2021
"Absolutely beautiful property! Perfect for the extended family! Everyone can be under the same roof, but big enough to enable privacy if necessary. And grandchildren love green put. The house. Wonderful vacation! You will return!
Revised by: Anonymous

Nice house with an excellent location
Date of review: March 3, 2021
Vacation date: January 2, 2021
"This house is beautiful with a lot of circle and La Playa. The bicycles were excellent for children and adults.
Revised by: Anonymous

Best holiday rental so far
Date of review: July 20, 2020
Vacation date: February 8, 2020
"We came with 4 families (9 adults and 6 children) and there was a lot of what they wanted or overslept. Chefs. In the spacious kitchen. The decoration was beautiful, but the house was also very functional. The beach and the shops wereA few levels and comfortable with young children. The location was perfect. Trevor was excellent and every problem that we were quickly addressed. I would recommend House for everyone. We had a great time and regret to go.
Revised by: Anonymous

Great week to stay in Lido Key made many good memories!
Date of review: July 20, 2020
Vacation date: March 14, 2020
"The house was perfect for our 14 -year -old group, the pool is excellent and Green is a good grade. We loved the bicycles and the short walk to the circle and the beach. The consensus was allowed every year!Maintenance manager!
Revised by: Anonymous

It was amazing!
Date of review: September 20, 2019
Holiday appointment: August 15, 2019
"My family and I were on the coast of the coast last August. It was incredible! The house looks just like the photos. It was flawlessly clean and the kitchen was well supplied with everything you need. We find some little problems inThe Casa de la Costa, but the real estate administrator Jen, solved the problems comfortably. She replied a lot to the e -mails or text messages that we sent. The doors around the pool were great and calm us from that with small childrenTravel. The water temperature of the pool was pleasant, not too warm (due to the entire rain) and refreshing. The hydromenage bathtub was heated well as soon as it was lit. My only complaint is that the ice skipper in the kitchen was no more than 15Ice cubes more or less a day. Be ready to buy an ice cream bag. Fortunately, the freezer has a lot of ancestry in the garage! The Costa de la Costa was the best vacationHouse that we rented. Anye of my relatives of Florida came to Victo in our stay and were also completely impressed by the house.Soft and the real estate administrator replied, useful and quick to solve a problem.
Revised by: Anonymous

Review date: June 4, 2019
Holiday date: June 1st, 2019
"Perfect location and feels at home with the best surfaces in this luxurious rent. The place is great: a quick walk to shops and gastronomic experience of St. Armand's Circle and a short road to the beach. A good pool for cool and tons of tonsFunny toy, including a ping pong table and even a green putten!
Revised by: Anonymous

House Exquisit designed and spacious in an excellent location!
Date of review: June 3, 2019
Holiday date: June 1st, 2019
"What an unbelievable experience: nice house with excellent place for a great family celebration to enjoy together (in the many rooms together) or in private (all spacious rooms) retire! Jump and sit in the covered terrace and see youFar while they are still in the pool near children, and uses the outdoor grille to make chicken with beer. In addition to board games, there was something to enjoy for everyone!, But it was also good to get this option tooMy favorite had to be the great cuisine with stools, ideal to entertain/drink/eat, with an elegant dining table on the one hand and a high top table on the other side and a livelihood.If we wanted to separate to make some purchases or watch people.
Revised by: Anonymous

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