Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (2023)

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (1)

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of cold weather, even when it's not winter, then you need a 0W-20 synthetic oil for your car to keep your engine running smoothly no matter what. But what exactly is a 0W20 oil?

Simply put, 0W-20 is a code assigned to a specific type of synthetic oil with a grade 20 oil viscosity at low temperatures, such as during the winter. This type of engine oil is ideal for cold climates and weather conditions as you will not experience as much oil thickening.

Here's a full review and buying guide to help you find the best 0W20 oil on the market:

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  • Top 10 0W-20 oil reviews
    • 1. Castrol EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil
    • 2. Shell Rotella Gas Truck Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil
    • 3. Valvoline SynPower Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil
    • 4. Royal Purple Oil 01020 0W20
    • 5. Toyota/Exxon Mobil full synthetic oil TGMO SN 0W-20
    • 6. Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
    • 7. Fully synthetic Idemitsu engine oil 0W-20 SN/GF-5
    • 8. Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 Full Synthetic Engine Oil
    • 9. Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA engine oil
    • 10. Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  • 0W-20 oil buying guide
  • The purpose of 0W-20 synthetic oil
  • Synthetic vs Fully Synthetic Blend
    • Mileage
    • Other types of oil
  • Other Important Considerations Before Purchasing Best 0w-20 Oil
    • manufacturer's specification
    • oil compatibility
    • lubrication capabilities
    • sealing properties
    • Corrosion and rust resistance
    • temperature resistance
  • General description

Top 10 0W-20 oil reviews

Take a look at these top ten 0W-20 oils that are guaranteed to keep your engine clean and protected so it runs smoothly and lasts a long time, saving you money on fuel costs and engine repairs.

I've reviewed and listed many different options for you, so you're sure to find one that works perfectly for your vehicle's engine.

1.Castrol EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (2)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (3)

My first choice when it comes to 0W20 oils is Castrol 03124 EDGE 0W-20 AdvancedFully synthetic engine oil, which offers maximum engine protection and provides excellent power and substantial mileage.

It makes use of dispersant molecules that are designed to prevent the formation of sludge and gum deposits, thus improving the overall performance of your vehicle. It also works effectively in reducing friction and heat, so you don't have to worry about premature wear.

Ultimately, it's a superior fully synthetic oil that has excellent anti-wear and friction capabilities and the perfect viscosity to improve your engine's performance and help keep everything running smoothly for much longer.


  • Available in 1 quart to 6 gallons
  • Comes in synthetic and bio-synthetic
  • Low fuel consumption, excellent engine performance
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Improves oil film strength by 30%
  • Suitable for all engine types


  • Thick consistency not suitable for cold starts

2.Shell Rotella Gas Truck Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 0W-20

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (4)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (5)

My second best bet is Shell Rotella Gas Truck Full Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil, made by one of the world's leading engine and oil manufacturers. It is a fully synthetic oil guaranteed to outperform other oils even under heavy duty conditions.

Whether you really like pushing your vehicle to the limit with hard drives and excessive idling, or are at the mercy of mother nature such as ever-changing weather conditions and dirty, dusty roads, this oil can handle all that and more.

You will certainly do an excellent job of keeping your engine clean and free of deposits, protecting it from damage and improving its performance and fuel economy. All in all, it's the perfect option for trucks and similar vehicles.


  • Available in 1 and 5 bedrooms
  • Comes in individual packs and 3
  • Suitable for trucks and SUVs.
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Weather resistant features


  • It is not suitable for diesel engines.

3.Valvoline SynPower Advanced Full Synthetic Engine Oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (6)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (7)

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Taking third place isvalvesSynPower 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, which has superior performance to keep your engine sludge-free, reduce heat levels and consequent wear due to friction, and improve your engine's overall performance.

It's made from premium additives, dispersants and detergents that work together to clean your engine and keep it that way for a long time, as well as provide high temperature protection so your engine performs well even in harsh conditions.

What's more, this synthetic oil is specifically formulated to have a low viscosity, so even when driving in cold climates and climates, you won't have to worry about starting your car successfully and quickly.


  • Available in 1 to 5 bedrooms
  • Comes in singles and 6-pack
  • Excellent even at low temperatures.
  • Friction and mud protection
  • durable and efficient


  • Not compatible with diesel engines.

4.Royal Purple 01020 0W20 Oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (8)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (9)

In fourth place is Royal Purple 01020-6PK 0W20 oil, which is a synthetic oil packed with excellent properties that make it one of the best oils in terms of engine performance and protection.

I am referring to excellent lubrication, total engine cleanliness, corrosion and wear resistance and inhibition, anti-oxidation capabilities, quick starts at low temperatures, superior engine performance and improved fuel economy.

If you want a reliable, high-performance engine day in and day out, regardless of weather and road conditions, and smooth, long-lasting performance, Royal Purple is a suitable choice for various engine fuels.


  • Available in 1 quart to 5 gallons
  • Better wear protection
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Compatible with ethanol fuel
  • Long lasting low noise levels.


  • It is not suitable for sports cars.

5.Toyota/Exxon Mobil Full Synthetic Oil TGMO SN 0W-20

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (10)

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (11)

In fifth place is Toyota/Exxon Mobil Fully Synthetic Oil TGMO SN 0W-20, which, as its name implies, is specially formulated for Toyota brand vehicles and automobiles, specifically those with gasoline engines.

Compared to the other 0W20 oils on this list, and most others on the market, it actually has the highest viscosity index, although that's what allows it to work wonders in Toyota engines and get parts moving quickly. and efficiency.

With this synthetic oil, you can enjoy low friction and smooth shifting, better engine performance, improved fuel economy and a high-performance engine with a long service life, offering the best value for money.


  • Available in 1 and 6 bedrooms
  • Comes as a pack of 6
  • smooth engine performance
  • higher viscosity index
  • Excellent fuel economy


  • Not suitable for diesel and non-Toyota engines
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6.Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Fully synthetic engine oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (12)

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (13)

Next up is Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy Full Synthetic Motor Oil, a very popular and highly rated 0W20 synthetic oil that is made with unique additives and ensures better fuel economy and superior engine performance.

Its specific formulation makes it so efficient in operating the engine efficiently and providing adequate lubrication to reduce the friction between the metallic components of the engine and extend the life of the engine by reducing heat and friction, thus preventing premature wear.

In addition, it also has a low viscosity that ensures reliable engine performance regardless of road and weather conditions, so you can enjoy a fully protected engine that runs smoothly and lasts a long time.


  • Available in 5 rooms
  • High mileage, durable
  • Improved fuel economy
  • ultra low viscosity
  • Great value for money


  • It is not suitable for diesel engines.

7.Full Synthetic Engine Oil Idemitsu 0W-20 SN/GF-5

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (14)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (15)

I also have Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil SN/GF-5 here, a premium synthetic oil that is particularly excellent for reducing harmful emissions from your engine and of course also protecting and improving its performance.

It's a tough 0W20 oil that maintains a decent viscosity to protect the engine from friction and wear, lets it run smoothly no matter what the weather, and keeps it safe from premature deterioration so you can enjoy a smooth driving experience. problems.

It also offers excellent engine lubrication and cleaning capabilities, so your engine runs significantly better, while consuming less fuel, so you not only enjoy a high-performance engine, but also save on fuel costs.


  • Available in 1 and 5 bedrooms
  • Maximized fuel economy
  • Great lubrication properties
  • No-compromise engine protection
  • Reduction of emissions and consumption


  • It is not suitable for diesel engines.

8.Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-20 Pennzoil Platinum

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (16)

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (17)

You might also want to try thePennzoilPlatinum Full Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil, which is another superior motor oil that keeps your engine safe from premature wear, so you can enjoy a high-performance engine for a long time to come.

It has a unique thickness of oil that coats the engine's moving parts in a slippery film designed to eliminate friction that prevents the engine from running smoothly and causes engine parts and components to deteriorate.

You will especially like this one if you want a superior driving experience with a great engine that you just can't get with synthetic blends and conventional oils, as this is a pure, fully synthetic 0W20 oil with all the best features you can get. . of an engine oil.


  • Available in 1 and 5 bedrooms
  • Comes as singles and 3-pack
  • Excellent temperature performance
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Increases engine performance
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  • Low mileage compared to other similar products

9.Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA engine oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (18)Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (19)

Another excellent choice would be Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil, an engine oil specially formulated for American and Japanese gasoline engines. It is an excellent lubricant and keeps the engine running like new.

This oil has been designed to effectively minimize the friction and wear your engine's moving parts are constantly subjected to, allowing them to perform better and last longer, providing you with a safer driving experience, whatever the weather conditions and of the road.

What's more, this premium synthetic oil is really one of the longest lasting compared to other brands, so you really do get the best value for your money with a good performance engine oil that lasts a long time.


  • Available in 1 and 5 liters
  • Complete range with more than 4,000 items
  • High mileage, durable
  • Compatible with many car brands.
  • Excellent mud protection


  • Not suitable for certain car models.

10Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (20)

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (21)

Finally, you may also want to try Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, which keeps your vehicle at peak performance and health while protecting it from rubbing, premature wear and tear and deterioration.

Its perfect viscosity index allows it to effectively lubricate moving parts and engine components to deliver superior engine performance and, most importantly, long-lasting, sludge-free engine parts.

In addition, it also has an advanced formulation that contains dispersant additives specifically designed to keep harmful deposits at bay. Simply put, you enjoy a great engine, better fuel economy and better mileage, so it's a win-win.


  • Available in 5 rooms
  • Comes as singles and 3-pack
  • High mileage, durable
  • Excellent cleaning properties
  • Great value for money


  • It is not suitable for modern and advanced engines.

0W-20 oil buying guide

Are you looking for the best 0W-20 oil but don't know where to start? I understand you. After all, there are virtually limitless options out there, and while they all look great, they might not all be right for your vehicle.

So, to help you out, here are the most important factors to consider when determining which synthetic 0W-20 works best for you and your car.

The purpose of 0W-20 synthetic oil

First things first. Let's talk about exactly why you need a 0W-20 oil for your vehicle and what it can do for you. While there are many different types of engine oils, a fully synthetic oil such as 0W-20 oil offers the best characteristics and performance for your vehicle.

It not only lubricates the engine, it also cleans it and keeps deposits away, reducing friction, preventing wear, improving engine performance, allowing for smooth shifting and improving fuel economy.

These are all important things that no otherengine oil typecan reach the same level.

Synthetic vs Fully Synthetic Blend

Based on what I just discussed, one of the first things you need to decide is whether to go with a synthetic blend of 0W-20 oil or if you really want to get the most out of a full synthetic oil. I can offer.

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This is because synthetic blends are considerably more affordable and therefore perfect for those on a budget. They still perform very well in terms of engine protection and performance, but not as superior as the full synthetic options.

That said, a fully synthetic engine oil will save you even more on fuel costs, protect your engine longer so you don't have to worry about repairs for the foreseeable future, and give you much better overall engine performance.


Another thing that makes full synthetic oils stand out from synthetic blends is that they offer significantly higher mileage, at least twice that of synthetic blends, so you can run your car longer before needing a change. of oil.

To give you an idea, synthetic blends offer a mileage of around 7,500 miles, while full synthetic oils have an oil change interval of 15,000 miles.

Other types of oil

Now, if you're really trying to save on upfront costs, you can always consider other types of motor oil. These are much less expensive than full synthetic and synthetic oils, although you cannot expect the same level of performance.

There are conventional crude oils that are relatively sustainable and have decent lubricating properties and are best suited for new cars with new engines that don't need as much protection yet.

It also has specially formulated high mileage oils to try and keep your engine going as long as possible after hitting the 75,000 mile mark. It has the ability to prevent oil leaks and minimize oil burning, as well as eliminate wear and friction.

Read too:How is synthetic oil made?

Other Important Considerations Before Purchasing Best 0w-20 Oil

Top 10 0W-20 Oils: Review and Buying Guide (22)In addition to those already mentioned, there are several other important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing motor oil for your vehicle.

manufacturer's specification

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember. Different cars have different engines and require different types of engine oils. Using the wrong one can cause you to be unable to start your car and severely damage your engine.

As such, it's important to base your decision on which oil to buy on the manufacturer's specifications. This is based on your engine's specific requirements, including the type of fuel it runs on.

So make sure you check that the product you want to buy is compatible with your car make and model and that it meets the specific requirements of your engine, which can also vary depending on the mileage you have.

oil compatibility

Now, another thing to keep in mind is that your car already has engine oil in it and as such the oil you are going to buy has to be compatible with that existing oil as well so that the engine will run smoothly and smoothly. It won't cause you any trouble.

For example, there are many synthetic oils that work with similar synthetic oils, and 0W-20 synthetic oils are designed to be compatible with conventional oils. Of course, there are also advanced formulated oils that can work with any type of engine oil.

lubrication capabilities

One of the main functions of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts and components of your engine, and in that sense, it's only natural that the oil's lubricity is one of the main things to consider.

Not all engine oils work the same to lubricate the engine and minimize friction, and it depends on how the oil is formulated. You need to find a synthetic oil that has the perfect formulation for your specific engine requirements.

sealing properties

Another important factor to consider is how many sealing properties the oil offers when it comes to protecting your engine from mud and other harmful particles and deposits that can cause engine damage.

Remember, a clean, fully protected engine will run better and smoother than one filled with the grime deposits that build up on engine parts and cause performance issues.

Corrosion and rust resistance

Also in terms of protecting and helping the engine last longer, the engine oil must have excellent abilities to prevent rust and corrosion, which can seriously damage the engine and cause it to break down.

Premature engine wear and damage will reduce your car's mileage and cause a multitude of damages that are easily preventable and can leave you with a hefty bill in repair costs, especially if you have to change the entire engine.

temperature resistance

The beauty of synthetic oils such as 0W-20 oils is that they ensure your engine runs smoothly no matter what the weather conditions are like when it's really hot or cold. Therefore, if you want the best and most reliable engine performance, purchase an oil with excellent temperature resistance.

This means that the oil maintains its viscosity and does not thin or thicken depending on the temperature. A stable viscosity means that the oil's lubricating and protective properties remain the same, so your engine runs smoothly all the time.

General description

No engine runs without engine oil, which is why choosing the right type of oil for your car is so important. It's what allows your engine to run and keeps it running at peak performance for a significant amount of time.

Knowing the right things to consider will help you find the best 0W-20 oil for your car and give you the kind of performance, protection and fuel economy you want. And remember, there are different types of oils for different engines.

With that said, my best recommendation to you is theCastrol EDGE 0W-20 Advanced Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, especially since it uses an advanced formulation that makes it compatible with almost all types of engines.

It also provides superior protection against friction, wear, rust, corrosion, sludge and other deposits and ensures your engine is performing at peak performance with high mileage and better fuel economy.

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